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Stomach pain can be caused by a broad range of problems or reasons. The actual term can be described as a localized pain that may be limited to a particular area within your abdomen. The reason that you may experience pain in your stomach may be due to a problem in a certain organ. The common stomach pain may be felt in the area of your trunk that is below your ribs. It is above the pelvis. It can even be caused due to an inflammation or due to a loss of blood to one of your organs. Most people have had a stomach ache at some time in their lives. A stomach ache may be brief. You may have a stomach ache after eating a meal. A simple and clear understanding of a stomach ache is the experiencing of pain in your stomach region.

Some Common Causes of Stomach Pain

There are some common causes and reasons for a stomach ache. The following are some causes of a common stomach ache. These include:
* gallstones; these are stones that will form right in your gallbladder. The stones will cause swelling and pain
* appendicitis; this is an inflammation of your appendix. If left untreated, your appendix may burst
* lactose intolerance; this is commonly known as a sugar that is found in milk. It may cause a mild abdominal pain
* stress; excitement, mental or emotional stress does have the ability to cause you stomach pain

Stomach Pains that Ought to be Taken Seriously

There are occasions that you may need medical care and you ought to take your stomach pain seriously in certain instances. The following are reasons to take stomach pain seriously:
* difficulty breathing
* if your pain is lasting for longer than a couple of hours
* if you are unable to pass stool
* if your abdomen feels tender when it is touched
* if you have had an injury to your stomach area

Tips for Taking Care of Your Stomach Pain

If you do not need to seek medical care for your stomach pain, you might try the following tips:
* drink a cup of club soda with lime
* drink a cup of Chamomile Tea to soothe
* try chewing on fennel seeds
* eat a lemon
* burnt toast will neutralize toxins
* drink Apple Cider Vinegar

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